Work with the best

Because our people are our most valuable resource, UTEC places high emphasis on attaining and retaining highly experienced team members that are well regarded in their particular fields. At UTEC, we like to say that we train our people to be knowledgeable and marketable for growth opportunities inside or outside of UTEC, but because we treat them so well, they choose to stay with UTEC.

Work opportunities exist in all areas of UTEC including operations, technical, sales, engineering and business services. We offer educational assistance, virtual learning, and mentorship opportunities. Our culture combined with a competitive benefits package position UTEC as an employer of choice. As a thriving company balanced with strong people values, there is no better place to start or continue a career towards success and stability.

Who we are

UTEC offers a complete range of marine survey services, from pre-engineering geophysical, AUV surveys, geotechnical and metocean services to construction support in the yard to lay and post-lay, along with industrial measurement, all using the most advanced equipment and techniques. What sets us apart is our collaborative approach to solving our clients’ complex challenges. UTEC professionals deliver precision measurements, and just as important, we deliver vital strategic information and regional expertise that help clients make critical, highly informed decisions.

How we work

UTEC has earned a reputation as a leader within the global survey industry. We are relentless in our mission to hire, develop and retain the industry’s most skilled workforce. At every level, UTEC teams are highly qualified professionals with a complementary range of experiences as offshore surveyors, engineers and data processors, as well as earth scientists, consultants and geophysicists. All our survey personnel are trained in accordance with the International Marine Contractors Association guidelines, resulting in the best survey teams in the industry.  We believe in collaboration and value the contributions and ideas of everyone as we continue to set the industry standards for technological and professional excellence.

What we offer

To continue to build the best workforce in the industry, we rely on our Core Values as a roadmap. We want dedicated, Performance-driven People who will deliver Excellence to our shareholders and customers, remaining committed to being a long-term part of our UTEC’s future.  This gives us the opportunity to continually invest in our People through training, to ensure we achieve UTEC’s high standard of Performance, Excellence and Ethics.

Where you come in

A career with UTEC means success you can measure. If you like charting new territories,   finding creative solutions, and being part of a growing successful team, that exemplifies the UTEC Core Values of Ethic, Performance, Excellence, and People, then UTEC is the company for you.

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