Geo Equipment

UTEC Geomarine, the geoscience service line of UTEC,  keeps abreast of new and emerging technologies to better develop new and existing services to support our reputation as the go-to company for technological insight. Particular areas of expertise include robotic tooling, subsea drilling, data acquisition, and real-time systems.

UTEC’s expertise lies in our deep knowledge of technology and our creativity in providing integrated solutions. Our innovative technologies include:

geoROV™ System

UTEC has created a unique ROV-deployed linear drive unit, the geoROV™ System. With up to 15kN thrust force the system is generally used for in situ testing (CPT and T-Bar), and high quality push / piston sampling.

Download geoROV™ System Datasheet >

geoREACT Suction Skid

This state-of-the-art system is a tool skid for a work class ROV that temporarily secures the ROV to suitable seabeds (sands and clays). Used in combination with geoROV™ the suction skid enables the ROV to provide up to 1.5 Tonne of reaction force, or it can be used to provide a super stable platform for deployment of sensitive survey instrumentation.

Download geoREACT Datasheet >

Seabed Drills

UTEC has become the go-to expert for geotechnical sampling via subsea robotic drilling services. This technology can be used for seabed geotechnical drilling, sampling, and in situ testing for a range of applications such as foundation design analysis for piles and structures, jack-up installation analysis, geohazard assessment, and more.

geoPEN Jack-up Analysis Software

UTEC’s geoPEN software provides jack-up spudcan penetration assessments in accordance with BS EN ISO 19905-1:2012 ‘Jack-ups’.

Download geoPEN Software Datasheet >

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