A leap-forward in efficiency and proven cost reductions through low footprint innovation.

Cutting edge survey technology coupled with robust innovative data management solutions driving change within the telecommunication, oil and gas, heritage, energy and civil engineering sectors.

To learn more about UTEC's asset and integrity management software, please visit our iSite™ website 

UTEC iSite is an innovative web based solution, providing the user with rapid global access to key assets directly from the desktop, essential for project planning, integrity management, inspection and identification.

  • Supporting informed, evidence-based decisions.
  • Enhancing operational safety and QHSE compliance.
  • Consolidating new and existing information in one place for the full project life-cycle.
  • Sharing the right information securely with the right people.
  • Visualising and managing your assets from your desktop.
  • Re-engineer your cost structure.

Key features:

  • Full colour, 360° virtual tour.
  • ​Display 3D point cloud data.
  • Photogrammetry.
  • Accurate on screen measurements.
  • CAD drawing & 3D Model integration.
  • Document & database integration.
  • Safety management functions & emergency response.
  • Defect / Risk management & reporting.

Download iSite Datasheet