UTEC provides quick and innovative metrology solutions for commercial measurement needs ensuring ongoing accuracy for our customers at various stages of the project lifecycle. Our experienced team has the technology and knowledge to measure complex, hard-to-reach and hazardous areas of project sites. We use high precision metrology tools such as arms, trackers, total stations, laser scanners and underwater scanners; however, it is UTEC’s customized software, unique processes, and expert staff that distinguish us from the rest. Our reputation for precision is complemented by our quick turnaround of data, which can be real-time if the situation demands.

Using specialized processes and solutions, UTEC can take any metrology instrument and provide customers immediate results onsite. Our approach is a full service approach. We are involved at the design process to ensure alignment and accuracy at critical points throughout the project. Our goal is to immediately identify inaccurate measurements in order to prevent major rework that is both costly and time-consuming for customers. Unlike many other companies, we work side-by-side with you throughout the project to ensure the best results.

Capturing measurements is just the beginning. To make the data work for you, we will first discuss your goals and help you select the right output for the job. Through our innovative delivery system, iSite™, customers can view 3D Modeling, laser scan data, AutoCAD Drawings, Digital Photography, spreadsheets, reports, videos, and more. Through a secured website, your metrology results along with other survey data are accessible to you any time and all in one place.