UTEC Doubles its AUV Fleet

Press Release – For Immediate Release

May 2014

UTEC Survey has advanced its service offering by doubling its AUV fleet to 4 x vehicles due to a global upturn in demand for its highly regarded AUV services.

The growing company now operates a fleet of four identically equipped 1000m rated AUV systems on a global basis for the benefit of its growing client base. The fleet offers clients enhanced subsea positioning, robust operational performance with low logistics coupled to dual mode operations utilizing client’s vessels of opportunity, all in all a highly flexible system.

The AUVs comprise of separate modules which enable the AUV to change  configurations by  adding or deleting sensor modules, subject to the demands of each mission. Typical recent missions have included pre-route survey, structure and pipeline inspection, scour monitoring and shallow environmental investigation.  This on the fly adaptation means that a mission undertaking seafloor bathymetry can be reconfigured and undertake the next mission with a suite of environmental sensors for locating hydrocarbon seeps or acting as a pipeline leak detection vehicle. The AUVs endurance with a full sensor suite is approximately six hours, however, due to its low logistics and small backdeck footprint, multiple AUVs can be deployed in the water at any one time from a single vessel that enables the full 24 hours per day data acquisition.

Developments and enhancements to the standard off-the-shelf systems include: sub-bottom profiler module integration; enhanced surface “DGPS” acquisition; development of subsea ‘acoustic’ positioning techniques; the introduction of a ‘magnetometer’ ferrous metal detection module; seep/leak detection capabilities and photogrammetry capability for subsea  structures/pipelines.

Trevor Hughes, Global Sales Director UTEC, comments: “A single fleet design allows us to offer enhancements to the whole fleet in terms of additional sensors and firmware upgrades, which primarily saves time and money to clients, where their needs change almost on a monthly basis.”

For further information please contact Trevor Hughes, UTEC Global Sales Director,  Trevor.Hughes@UTECsurvey.com, +1 713 984 8688.