When managing your assets is essential to your bottom line, UTEC offers high quality dimensional and digital asset data to make the best decisions. UTEC has developed a method to safely, efficiently, and accurately provide asset data to our customers far more easily than traditional methods. Our unique approach to asset management involves merging procedures adopted in the traditional geospatial and broadcast/telecommunication sectors, utilizing laser scanning technology, and implementing our proprietary data housing software called iSite™. Value is realized when data is collected and delivered seamlessly to the client for asset integrity and record management.

Through laser scanning, UTEC collects millimeter accurate 3D data such as equipment location, identification and orientation, structural details and geo-referenced photography. With the surveyor operating from the ground, customers avoid compromising safety at high altitudes and operational shutdowns. Additionally, the need for frequent site visits is eliminated with site owners now being able to access a 3D database to perform structural assessments equipment identification, retrofit and space analysis for kit upgrades.

UTEC compiles the information for the client through our customized web portal, iSite™ where users can quickly gather site and asset information and manage projects from their desktop. The ability to access information in one place and view structural specs such as photography from exact altitudes of a tower, for instance, has proven to yield increased productivity and improved project communication. Further, the site can be tailored to integrate with client needs and systems.

Using UTEC’s specialized Asset Management services, customers no longer have to wait on resources to perform their asset management projects. Some of our major customers have experienced a six to nine month reduction in wait time for service completion. UTEC is currently working with major Tower Owners such as Arqiva, Deutsche Funkturm, Global Tower Turkey, Media Broadcast, TDF, SSE Telecom and Wireless Infrastructure Group.

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