Safety. Savings. Time.

These are the major benefits customers can expect to gain through UTEC’s Offshore Asset Management Services. Offshore endeavors are undoubtedly challenging due to accessibility and the environment, but UTEC has the proven capabilities to provide surveying and asset management services for even the most hard-to-reach assets including flanges, drilling towers, flare booms, FPSOs, subsea assets, vessels and more. We are known for our expertise in integrating customers’ existing systems with the latest in asset management technology and customizing features to suit customer needs.

UTEC’s innovative technologies such as laser scanning and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) allow for the inspection of offshore structures while minimizing safety risks and operational shutdowns. Data including video, photography, MCDRs and other maintenance records are loaded into our web-based asset management tool, StarNet iSite, where customers can view the asset data, link existing information to new information, locate hot spots, perform measurements and much more. With the most-up-to-date asset information at hand, site owners can easily ‘have a look’ at their offshore assets without multiple visits to the site.

As a one-stop data center featuring 360° views and virtual tour capabilities, customers can depend on iSite to drive informed decisions regarding their offshore assets while eliminating cost and inefficiencies caused by recurrent offshore visits and operational shutdowns. Our goal is to simplify asset management for our customers through our data management expertise, customization capabilities, and technologies.