Facility Surveys

In planning for the future, customers need information on their assets that is reliable, comprehensive, and easily accessible.

Comprehensive facility data is necessary to more efficiently execute a strategy. UTEC understands that maximizing your investment in facilities and assets begins with knowing exactly what you have in terms of space and assets. Through our unique processes and cutting-edge equipment, UTEC makes it easier for businesses to make decisions on asset moves, budgets, maintenance, leasing and more.

UTEC provides the most up-to-date information of your facilities via state-of-the-art laser scanning. Our technique allows for quick collection of data with 360° vantage points. As a result, we are able to produce 3D modeling of interiors and exteriors allowing customers to virtually tour their facilities. As an internet-based solution, customers can tour the facility on demand, at any time and from anywhere. This data along with other customer data can be loaded into our proprietary software, iSite™, to provide a big picture view of the location, condition, and use space of assets. As a result, our customers can drive intelligent, strategic business decisions.