Industrial Plants

Processing - Energy Transmission - Nuclear Decommissioning

A crucial aspect in spatial planning, refurbishment, or decommissioning of a complex, hazardous facility is the safe collection of accurate spatial geo-referenced data. From a safe distance, laser scanning can collect a detailed and accurate 3D view of the asset including modeling of inaccessible areas. Qualitative information is also obtained using high-resolution photography, which further enhances the effectiveness of the data. By merging traditional surveying methods and this laser scanning technology, UTEC is continually sought out for major industrial asset management projects throughout the world.

Site Development

  • Topographic and GPS Survey, Precise Leveling, Engineering Setting Out
  • Infrastructure Survey
  • Measured Building Survey, As-Built Dimensional Control, Clash/Collision Analysis
  • Power Equipment Survey
  • Power line Infringement Survey, Substation As-Built Survey, Structural Survey
  • Visual Impact Assessment
  • 3D Visualization, Photo Control/Photomontages, Virtual Tours

The Technology

Complex and hazardous structures such as offshore oilrigs, refineries, and industrial plants are easily and quickly surveyed by means of this less intrusive technology. Only one survey is needed to gather all required data, translating to less visits and HSE issues. This data coupled with GPS and high quality photography provides detailed and precise 2D CAD drawings, 3D models, and visuals. The data can be then be utilized as an as-built record for retrofitting and front-end engineering design.

Additionally, UTEC adds value by providing all deliverables on a web-based interface that drastically simplifies Asset Visualization and Data Management called iSite™. This user-friendly, customer-branded web portal allows drastic HSE and operational cost reduction by enabling multiple project engineers to remotely view, measure and manage survey data such as drawings, photography, 3D models, etc. from anywhere in the world.