Infrastructure - Industrial - Building - Earthworks – Utilities

UTEC provides civil engineering consultants with a full range of accurate geospatial survey data for their construction project development. This data may be used for dimensional or structural analysis, in addition to planning for new build or renovation/conversion projects. StarNet's surveying experience, cost-effectiveness, and exemplary safety record has secured successful collaborations with some of the major companies in the Construction sector such as ISG plc, Scott Wilson, Halcrow, Grontmij, Arthur McKay, Hayes Davidson, Land Engineering, Harley Haddow, Fountains plc, etc.

Land Survey
Topographic and Hydrographic Survey, GPS/Control Survey, Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM)

Construction Engineering
Engineering Setting Out, Volumetric Calculation, Precise Leveling

Impact Assessment & Evaluation
3D Visualization, Photo Control/Photomontages, Zone of Visual Intrusion/Line of Sight

Data Capture Measured Building Survey, Building Elevation Survey, Structural Survey

The Technology
UTEC utilizes advanced centimeter accuracy GPS equipment and total stations to collect geospatial data. State-of-the- art survey data management systems ensure fast and efficient transfer of information from field to finish. The survey data is processed using LSS software and issued to the client as AutoCAD 2D and 3D drawings. Rigorous quality control practices have been built into our data acquisition, processing, and management procedures to meet our clients' needs and expectations. Furthermore, our worldwide experience in laser scanning survey services is critical for clients that require millimeter accurate dimensional surveys. The data collected from these surveys, coupled with high quality photography, can be utilized for structural condition assessment or for modeling inaccessible architectural features. This non-intrusive technology allows the surveyor to operate from a safe distance without the need to interrupt site operations, minimizing costs and health and safety issues.