Land Survey

UTEC’s Land Survey service can be applied to many construction projects including wind farms, buildings, bike paths, new road builds, Greenfields and more.

While national mapping agencies produce topographic maps at small scales of 1:1000 to 1:10,000, UTEC can produce larger, more detailed scales typically 1:200 to 1:500 depending on customer needs. Whether it is positioning of a wind turbine or construction of a new road, customers can depend on UTEC’s land surveying accuracy to plan project supplies, determine elevations that may impact the project, and more.

UTEC’s land survey capabilities also include building services such as floor plans, roof plans, and surrounding topography assessments. Additionally, we offer underground surveys to search for objects or services around the building. This data can be integrated into the overall building model to provide the customer with a complete representation of the project site.

Data collected from surveys can be transformed into a full-scale 3D topographical model. UTEC has the capability to convert data into various formats per customer needs. The versatility of the 3D software allows customers to access the data on demand and perform contours, sections and other manipulations.