AUV Services

As the largest global operator of low logistics systems, UTEC Survey has considerable experience to support offshore Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) survey requirements.

AUVs provide definite advantages due to their ease of deployment and portability. UTEC provides versatile, cost-effective services using the Teledyne Gavia system, which can be operated from vessels of opportunity or beach launched and is capable of undertaking missions at up to 4 knots in water depths up to 1000 meters.

The Teledyne Gavia AUV is a portable system which delivers high quality data results which are far superior than conventional towed geophysical systems. It’s modular design is very flexible, allowing deployment from a wide variety of vessel platforms. It is also the perfect solution for swift response mobilisations in remote regions.

Data processing and reporting is completed using UTEC’s proprietary software at their dedicated regional support bases in the Americas, Europe and the Far East.

Features & Benefits

  • The AUV provides an acoustically quiet and stable platform which can be located close to the desired target to deliver optimised data results which are significantly better than those obtained using conventional towed sensor solutions
  • There are a wide variety of geophysical and environmental sensor options available
  • The unit has a modular design, and can be transported easily by air, and is ideally suited to operations in remote areas
  • The small system footprint ( less than 3 metre length) and low weight ( 120Kg) mean the AUV can be deployed from vessels of opportunity, providing a high level of deployment flexibility.
  • With a 1000m depth rating, the AUV is at home both in really shallow work areas, and also on continental shelf regions
  • The high accuracy Inertial Navigation system ,with DGPS positioning and DVL aiding ensure optimum positioning performance
  • Using an AUV solution enhances safety, as the deployment vessel does not need to be close to the work area during survey operations. This is particularly beneficial when working close to existing platform structures or areas with ordnance.
  • The battery modules are portable and easily swapped out, facilitating extended missions and efficient data transfer
  • Multiple AUVs launched from a common platform allow up to 30 hours of data collection in any 24 hour period

Advancements in low-logistics AUV operations

In maintaining values of performance and excellence, UTEC Survey has invested in developing low-logistics AUV technology to provide the best survey solutions for clients. In order to achieve this goal, the company has developed a collaborative relationship with Teledyne. The partnership creates a framework for addressing customer requirements through the development of new and improved AUV capabilities. A key milestone occurred in March of this year, when the two companies met in San Diego, California at Teledyne’s Seabotix facilities to test several new and improved AUV capabilities such as:  

Deep Water Rating 

  • Teledyne-Gavia's Offshore Surveyor is rated to 1000m depth. During the testing, the AUV dove successfully to a depth of 897m on three separate missions and acquired side scan sonar and multi beam echo sounder data sets. 

LBL Positioning

  • Integrating LBL positions directly into the AUV navigation system makes the vehicle available to commence seabed survey operations with minimal delay regardless of depth.

New Edgetech 2205Side Scan Sonar

  • The Edgetech 2205 SSS is capable of recording low frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF) data simultaneously, at 600kHz and 1600kHz respectively.

New Recovery Float and Pneumatic Line Thrower

  • The execution of recovery has been improved substantially through the development of a Recovery float and Pneumatic line Thrower (PLT).
  • The development of the new recovery float and PLT constitutes a significant improvement to the recovery process.

UTEC and Teledyne are continually looking at ways to improve our AUV capability. 

For more information, contact one of our AUV experts. 

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