Site Investigation

Geotechnical site investigation solutions for all situations.

UTEC Geomarine offers high caliber geotechnical site investigation services. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to meet our clients’ diverse requirements. We offer an array of site investigation tools including conventional seabed investigation tools and innovative ROV-deployed tools, and are additionally able to develop bespoke solutions to technologically challenging requirements.

Most of our tools incorporate features and enhancements designed for versatility in varying water depths and environments, ease of handling, safety, customization, and real-time recording and reporting features. Our conventional seabed investigation tools consist of:

  • geoPC Piston Core – standard and large diameter corer, 3m to 20m length, with dedicated launch/recovery cradle
  • geoVC Vibrocore – variable frequency vibrocore sampler with real-time control of frequency and rate of penetration data
  • geoVCPT CPT – swap out the Vibrocore drive for a geoROVe drive to deliver CPT and Sampling from the same compact modular frame
  • geoROVe CPT – 15kN/35kN Electric drive seabed CPT system
  • 40/75kN ROSON CPT – Heavy duty wheel-drive seabed CPT system

Download Site Investigation Datasheet >

Case Study 1: Geotechnical Site Investigation for Platform Decommissioning >

Case Study 2: Geotechnical Site Investigation for Subsea Infastructure Replacement > 

Footage of the geoREACT suction skid in action for a geotechnical seabed survey using UTEC Geomarine's unique geoROV™ CPT & Sampler system. This tool can be quickly and easily installed on any work class ROV or similar vehicle to conduct testing and sampling in places that no other conventional system can reach.

Our ROV-deployed seabed investigation tools consist of:

  • geoROV™ System for CPT, T-Bar, and Push/Piston Sampling
  • geoREACT Suction Skid
  • Seabed based drilling investigations (working with partners) – ROVDrill Mk.2
  • New tools are under development all the time – contact us for more details

We offer a comprehensive service including onshore laboratory testing and geotechnical reporting of the highest quality and in accordance with the latest standards including ISO 19901-8.