Cutting edge geoscience expertise

Innovation is the key to success.

Clients who know UTEC know that we are able to deliver innovative solutions to all kinds of subsea problems involving seafloor interactions. UTEC is always looking for innovative solutions that save our clients time and money while still achieving long-term commercial objectives. We conduct our own research and development projects while working with others on their own programs. In partnership with several leading universities, we investigate specific challenges facing the industry. Our staff has experience in many aspects of subsea engineering research including drilling equipment design, subsea robotics, tooling development, trenching technology, foundation design, and geohazard assessment. Most of our equipment is remote controlled, designed to withstand harsh and hazardous conditions and ultimately reduce risk.

UTEC’s expertise lies in our deep knowledge of technology and our creativity in providing integrated solutions. Our in-house technologies include:

  • geoROV™ System (CPT, T-Bar, Sampler)
  • geoREACT Suction Skid
  • geoVC Vibrocorer
  • geoVCPT interchangeable Vibrocorer and CPT
  • geoPEN Jack-up Analysis Software
  • geoJET Trencher
  • Downhole tooling for seabed drill rigs

In addition to our in-house capabilities, we partner with leading technology specialist providers to design tailored packages for customers seeking solutions for unusual and complex challenges. Together, we offer customers solutions for such varied problems as entry into buried subsea storage tanks to conduct in situ measurements, to deployment of specialist tooling for intricate metrology within submerged platform legs.

Our techniques and tools for highly contaminated and congested underwater environments inside platform legs involve high precision metrology, anomaly detection, and sampling for subsequent laboratory testing. Over the recent years, our team has introduced technology for subsea micro-piling using a grouted, robotic-drilled piling system as well as a computational jetting nozzle model to optimize nozzle setup for specific machines, nozzle designs, and soil types.

Download our latest Case Studies:

Case Study 1: Geotechnical Survey Investigation of Legacy Brownfield Site