Metocean Survey

UTEC Geomarine prides itself in the design and delivery of bespoke metocean monitoring solutions

A good understanding of metocean (meteorological and oceanographic) data is essential to the success of all marine projects, whether this information acts to:

  • characterise local (operational) conditions
  • assess energy yield resources
  • develop engineering design criteria
  • provide data for calibration/verification of numerical models
  • assess survivability of a project and maintenance strategy

UTEC Geomarine can provide complete metocean support services for every stage of marine (offshore/nearshore) projects from conception and development through construction to post-installation monitoring.  Our staff have impressive backgrounds in the design and execution of complex field data acquisition campaigns, numerical modelling and coastal engineering, and as such have an intimate understanding of the utility of the data being collected.

We are experienced in the deployment of autonomous, and in particular, real-time monitoring systems, and have notable skill in the design of bespoke solutions with diverse knowledge in many types of metocean and environmental monitoring equipment.  We can further assist our clients in the data processing, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data, which includes stringent quality assurance protocols.

Our metocean capability includes, but is not limited to, monitoring directional waves (sea/swell/long), directional currents (point/profile), water levels, water quality (e.g. turbidity, CTD, pH, chlorophyll, DO, PAR etc.) and meteorological parameters.  Recent studies of interest include real-time scour monitoring solutions for the renewable energy industry, and real-time soliton detection systems (with predictive warning) for deep water operations.

Download our Metocean Survey Datasheet