ROV Services

UTEC survey has built many partnerships with many operators of large best-in-class Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). With over 20 years of experience, our knowledgeable teams can operate in all water depths and environments.

As ROV inspection and positioning experts, our team are skilled at operating ROVs to ensure 100% coverage, collecting high quality information efficiently so our clients can make informed, critical decisions. In addition, our geophysical site survey capabilities allows us to offer acquisition of high resolution bathymetry, sub-bottom profiler, and sidescan sonar using ROV mounted systems.

The geotechnical division within UTEC survey is able to offer a very capable and highly effective geotechnical ROV tooling package enabling acquisition of high precision high quality data in shallow seabed soils.

UTEC’s use of ROVs can simplify the inspection process of observing stationary targets for prolonged periods of time. As one of the first to adopt inertial smoothing with USBL sensors, our positioning services yield exceptional position stability and swift updates. We are skilled in calibration, troubleshooting and accessing the interfaces of these two tools. By employing a mix of technologies, including acoustic positioning systems, UTEC can provide higher data rates and smooth drifts during inspections.

The geotechnical tooling package not only enables acquisition of soils data, it also includes a patented Suction Skid that temporarily secures the ROV to the seabed to give a highly stable platform suitable for the highest precision measurements.

Key capabilities:

Precision real-time positioning
Precision metrology
High Specification Pipeline Inspection and Out of Straightness Surveys
High quality geotechnical testing and sampling
High specification geophysical survey (see also AUV Services)


Subsea 3D laser scanning
Geotechnical survey
Trenching Support Surveys
Geophysical survey (see also AUV Services)

ROV Geotechnical Technologies

To complement our ROV services, UTEC Geomarine, our geotechnical service line, has a number of innovative geo equipment that support our ability to provide integrated solutions. Particular area of expertise include robotic tooling, subsea drilling, data acquisition and real-time systems. Some of our technologies include:

goeROV™ System

geoREACT Suction Skid

Canyon ROVDrill Mk.2

Contact one of our geotechnical team members to learn more.