Industrial Measurement

UTEC provides one of the most complete Industrial Measurement / Dimensional Control (IMDC) global solutions, based on years of hands-on experience, custom software and hardware integration, and a thorough under-standing of how materials and parts interact.

Each UTEC team member has years of hands-on experience in manufacturing, fabrication, yard, vessel or data processing. Together, they provide a particularly strong and adept organization for handling solutions for client projects.

To meet and solve challenging project demands, UTEC has developed a set of tools that reduce the project risks for our clients, providing a safe environment for both UTEC and the client’s team members while helping reduce the time of collection and processing of metrology data. This environment, called UTEC’s Total Quality & Measurement Solution, is made up of custom processes, software modules and specific applications to automate the collection and reporting of common tasks, and integration with the latest industry sensors. It provides clients with time and schedule savings through the delivery of real-time data.  This is accomplished with continuous project checkpoints, ensuring ongoing accuracy for our customers at various stages of the project life cycle.

We use high-precision metrology tools such as measurement arms, laser trackers, total stations and underwater sensors, but it is our customized software and unique processes, together with our experienced and committed personnel that distinguishes us from the rest.  Our well-earned reputation for precision is complemented by our quick turnaround of data.  We have the capability to deliver a report to a customer immediately, as the measurement is completed.

Real-Time Advantage

Having access to real-time data also changes the way UTEC clients work throughout a project.  Traditionally, survey data is reported on how something was constructed or installed. With UTEC’s real-time TQ&M Solution methods, the placement or alignment of the part is interactive, allowing for the placement of equipment or hook-up point connections to be verified during installation - not post placement.  Using these methods, UTEC clients benefit from key components being placed or aligned the first time, correctly, with no re-work or field adjustment required.

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