3D Laser Scanning

UTEC has an impressive project history in the collection, processing, registration, and management of 3D scan data for clients and their project partners.  With thousands of successful projects completed around the world, UTEC provides one of the only turnkey solutions that allows clients to expect the same results, no matter where the data is being collected, what format the project requires, and where the data is going to be used, either in a single location or anywhere around the world, as required to support the project.

UTEC has developed iSite™ which allows clients to quickly access and manage their project data including 3D scans, high-resolution images, metrology and inspection data as well as links to design and installation documents and life cycle information.

When working with UTEC, clients also know they will be getting the right instrument for the project, we have one of the largest inventories of high-end survey and scanning instruments in the world. Depending on the project requirements, UTEC has a number of calibrated and documented 3D imaging systems that can provide between 1-3mm (1/8”) to less than a millimeter, depending on the project requirements.

  • Industrial 3D Laser Scanning
  • Shipbuilding & Vessel
  • Subsea & Underwater 3D Scanning & Imaging
  • BIM & Architectural Scanning
  • Part Inspection
  • Heritage & Preservation

3D industrial laser scanning is only as good as the survey and control network supporting the captured data. UTEC has developed methods that allow both the survey teams and the laser scanning teams on-site to know that the scan data being collected is tied into the client's network or temporary control network when there is no site control available.  Having these real-time results allows our field teams to back check their collection data and compare the fit, allowing for the additional of new targets into the scene to ensure the best possible fit for the project, before the team moves to the next station. Using UTEC target-fit procedures, and methods, results are available for review in just seconds from the collection time. This ensures that when our teams are on site, where critical information is a must, and we only have one chance at the collection of the data, we know we have it right before we leave the site.