Terrestrial Laser Scanning

By merging procedures adopted in the traditional geospatial and broadcast/telecommunication sectors and utilizing the laser scanning technology, UTEC provides millimeter accurate 3D data such as equipment location, identification and orientation, structural details, and geo-referenced photography which is then delivered to the client for asset integrity and record management.

As a world pioneer in the provision of such outstanding service, combined with our track record with clients such as Arqiva and Wireless Infrastructure Group, UTEC is quickly expanding its services overseas to provide Asset Management solutions to the major telecommunication portfolio owners.

Power & Industrial
Within major utilities projects, the HDS has benefits where aircraft LiDAR surveys are not feasible or more detailed information is required to be collected from the individual asset, such as verticality, structural issues, infringements, potential Health and Safety issues and more.

UTEC has the experience and the capability to carry out high quality surveys for various projects such as power lines deformation or infringement, wind farm or turbine planning, substation assessment, etc. Clients such as National Grid and Scottish and Southern Energy have benefited from our innovative web-based asset management tool, StarNet iSite™, to visualize and manage the survey data, which is then coupled with high-resolution photography to provide millimeter accurate as-built data.

Through laser scanning, UTEC can produce a detailed 3D image and modeling of inaccessible architectural and structural features. Qualitative information is also obtained using the built-in high-resolution digital camera, which further enhances the effectiveness of the data.

Very complex sites can be fully surveyed using laser scanning in less time than traditional methods. With literally millions of surveyed points, the ability to accurately define structural elements saves time and money by increasing the amount of data available for analysis and reducing human error. Tunnels, bridges, railways, roads, historic sites, etc. can be accurately surveyed providing quality data for planning, refurbishment or recording projects.

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