Dimensional Control

Through our Dimensional Control Service, customers rely on our innovative metrology, survey and inspection services that increase productivity and reduce costs of deployment and installations for clients.  Our goal is to allow clients to have access to collection and reports in real-time. UTEC’s automated TQ&M processing and QC tools, help mitigate the risk and speed up the delivery of the data to the client.

Real-time Alignment & Positioning

UTEC has developed a number of real-time alignment methods, trades that can dial in the positioning or placement, using mobile devices such as their mobile phone, tablets or PC displays, allowing the engineer to see the real-time live data captured by the instrument providing live positions to the surface, another point, the closest point or other defined entities in the installation.

Interface Analysis for Installations of Key Components

A key requirement for the collection and processing of metrology data is the understanding or presentation of the analysis process to the client. The accuracy value of the data can be controlled by the use of instrument and industry standard methods, and the completeness of the collections can be measured by a procedure or guideline during the collection process. Access to the information in a timely fashion is one of the most widely neglected components of the complete solution. UTEC has developed, using the TQ&M solution, an up-to-dateness parameter of a single measurement. It as much a determining factor as the value of the calibration or methods used to collect the point. This ensures that each point in the solution is the best point for use on the project at any given time. The use of such methods eliminates bottlenecks in the fabrication, construction and installation process while optimizing workflow efficiency, as well as providing broad interoperability of data at every stage of a client’s project.

Traceable Collection Values

The ability to drill-down, into any collection and find, and report exactly what the sensor observed is fundamental to providing traceable data.  Embedded information about each collection point is key to providing substantiated values when creating reports, “what probe or spike was used”,  “what was the temperature when the measurement was collected”, “what collection points were used for the best fit alignment”. These are all answerable when needed and can be included in any report or model.

Inspection of Nominal Geometry

UTEC uses industry standard GD&T format which allows projects access to reports without customizing or programming. For the more complex reports requirements, UTEC can customize the output formats, allowing for any complex GD&T inspection report to be presented.