Subsea 3D Imaging

UTEC was one of the first 3D Laser Scan service providers to offer underwater imaging.

With its extensive background in subsea survey and positioning services, UTEC provides clients with not only leading edge underwater imaging system, but able to manage the deployment, the use of ROV and other required supporting equipment that is required to successfully deploy, capture and process 3D data subsea.

UTEC has developed several methods for creating survey monuments and other targeting systems, similar to those processes used on surface when capturing 3D data. The use of metrology targets and other custom machined tools/targets are used to control the location and position of the subsea instrument project. Proven methods and procedures are also employed to ensure that while the instrument is 6000’ subsea, the data is correct before moving to the next station.

Subsea Instruments

UTEC has a number of subsea instruments, depending on project requirements, for capturing data at a range of 20m accuracy levels between 1cm and down to 3mm in range error and spatial resolution. Depending on the client’s projects, these instruments are deployed using UTEC’s project proven work processes, allowing the least amount of setup and bottom time on a project.

Deployment and Stationing

UTEC has developed custom tripods, brackets and ROV and attachment mounts that allow our subsea instruments to be stationed in the best possible position to capture the subsea existing conditions. These tools and mounts are key when implementing staging and measurement plans on a project. Being able to support a controlled metrology network is key to the collection of subsea data. Allowing the instruments to interconnect though the registration process, creates traceable data collection and reduces time on station.