Inspection Software

UTEC is experienced in providing deliverables that can be integrated with customer technology like COABIS. We have adopted industry-leading inspection packages with capabilities that include 3D Visualization, Photo Control Surveys and Verified Views, Underground Utility Mapping, and Digital Terrain Modeling.

3D visualizations can be draped with aerial photography to provide highly realistic results produced in various formats such as .avi and Mpeg. We also offer a free viewer tool for customer use in the planning and design stages of projects that may include wind farms, telecom masts, landfill, quarry development and skyline visualization in the architectural/urban sectors. UTEC StarNet has provided 3D visualization across the Engineering and Telecom industries for years.

Visualization tools such as Leica TruView® provide panoramic point cloud viewer to extrapolate real 3D coordinates and accurately measure distances from the laser scanning point cloud data. To better visualize the survey, clients can view, zoom in, or pan over point clouds intuitively with photography overlaying the point cloud data. This user-friendly tool is designed for everyday professionals who want to easily view and measure laser scan point clouds without being an expert at laser scanning, CAD, or 3D modeling.

Through CGI technology, our customers use existing data combined with geometrically corrected photography to create accurate visual representations. The images display the positions of planned buildings that can be used for planning submissions or at public inquiry. Deliverables will include a spreadsheet of coordinated points with descriptions and accuracy statements, annotated photography, and 3D point files displaying the positions in the plan.

UTEC StarNet also offers a comprehensive utility trace and mapping service to provide accurate information regarding the location and depths of underground utilities within a variety of site types and conditions. Utility surveys and detailed drawings assist with providing essential information for design, health and safety considerations, and accurate utility route planning and avoidance. Our experienced surveyors are fully trained in the use of the latest Ground Penetrating Radar and pipe locating equipment.

Specialist applications can be used to assess and produce digital terrain models. This allows topographic survey data to be manipulated and analyzed. This data and analysis is used by clients to determine the optimum solution with regard to volumes, ground stability and gradient for excavation works. The geological strata data can also be analyzed using similar methods from bore hole/trial pit investigations.

Although UTEC is advanced in its approaches, more traditional 2D formats such as cross sections, elevations or plans in AutoCAD, Adobe PDF or jpeg image format are available to customers.