Pipeline Inspection

As regulations surrounding subsea pipeline integrity increase, UTEC is equipped to assist customers with gathering the data necessary to assess current condition and fitness-for-service.

As a market leader in the inspection of pipelines, UTEC uses the latest positioning and data logging systems for the detection of pipeline conditions such as suspensions, damage, anode condition, and corrosion. Our inspection team is skilled at detecting potential threats such as debris, scour or anything that may pose risk to the integrity of the pipeline.

Equipped with the right sensors for the job, UTEC customizes pipeline inspection missions according to client needs. ROVs equipped with our positioning and sensor packages follow pipelines at close proximity to collect detailed visual records and provide precise coordinates of pipeline anomalies.

To capture a wider area of imagery, UTEC employ AUV platforms equipped with high resolution side scan sonars that produce detailed acoustic pictures. The AUV platform allows data to be collected at a much faster rate than other technologies and with a step change in data quality.

With a track record of success in pipeline inspection, customers can rely on the accuracy of our reporting to prevent leaks and environmental disaster. Our reports and deliverables are customized to client-specific formats.