UAV Inspection

For hard-to-access structures, UTEC’s partnership with Sky Futures presents customers with the latest and greatest inspection tool, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Through this revolutionary technology, we can perform onshore and offshore inspections with reduced risk. UAVs can be employed when engineers cannot inspect platform towers due to safety concerns, especially in offshore environments. For obvious reasons including staff safety and regulation requirements, UAV inspection is quickly replacing traditional inspectional methods.

UAVs are utilized to perform inspections on various structures such as telecommunications towers, utility towers, offshore platforms, flare booms, and more. Our mission is defined by our clients’ requirements and performed by highly experienced UAV operators. The mechanism has proven durable with successful inspection outcomes of flare tips, flare booms, and communication towers even in high winds and high altitudes.

Customers can obtain high definition photography and videos of damage, corrosion, or rust for maintenance and repair purposes without having to shut down systems or facilities. Customers can also use the UAV method to collect asset data for certification purposes. Clients receive a pdf report with photography or video with findings. UTEC translates the information for the client making it more comprehensible and meaningful in driving results. This pure video and photographic (infrared for oil platforms) data can be transferred to customizable database, iSite, along with other client information.