Onshore Survey

UTEC specializes in the collection of accurate data for a wide range of topographic and inshore hydrographic survey projects. State-of-the-art survey data management systems ensure fast and efficient transfer of information from field to finish. Field information is delivered to the project team and uploaded directly to LSS. Finished drawings can be supplied in various formats including AutoCAD, MOSS, Microstation, and Sub-Surface Ground & Groundwater Models.

UTEC StarNet is expert in the provision of topographic surveys and borehole databases relating to landfill projects and other site investigations. Compilation of data indicating borehole specifications, strata depth below ground level, and dip-levels for groundwater allows for the creation of a 3D digital terrain model for site design purposes.

In addition, UTEC StarNet has a wealth of experience collecting river cross-sections and boat surveys by means of echo sounders that scan sea and lake beds to provide accurate Digital Terrain Models and 2D/3D CAD drawings.