Geodetic Control

UTEC has become a reliable service provider for geodetic control, a critical requirement for most surveying and construction projects.

Using global positioning satellites (GPS), UTEC gathers coordinates that enable the creation of various geoids, 3D geodetic models, and map projections. We tailor to the mapping requirements of each country and modify our mapping services for customers accordingly.

For large surveys, UTEC can employ various observation techniques relative to each zone. We are skilled in locating spatial features that enable accurate assessments. Additionally, our partnerships with GPS networks and surveying sites allow access to the most up-to-date mapping information. The constant flow of information generated by these pre-established networks coupled with UTEC’s precise control work enables the creation of authentic mapping representations for surveying or construction projects.

UTEC’s Geodetic Control service aims at producing seamless, accurate and consistent models for our customers. As interest and activity surrounding geodetic control increases at all government levels, we stand ever ready to fulfill market needs.