Land Survey

UTEC StarNet can offer our clients a range of different Land Survey Services.  Utilizing industry leading equipment which guarantees our clients the best results, we can offer full Topographic Surveys, Utility Mapping Surveys, Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys, Measured Building Surveys, Engineering / Setting Out and Hydrographic Surveys.  For further information on any of these services, please click on one of the categories and images below.

Whether it is positioning of a wind turbine or construction of a new road, customers can depend on UTEC StarNet's Land Survey team to offer a full service meaning there is no need to look anywhere else making.  Our client’s option to utilize all of UTEC StarNet's Land Survey Services means they are getting the same high standard of results every time and can be happy in the knowledge that all their survey needs are being met and handled in a professional manner resulting in the highest quality of deliverables.

Data collected from surveys can be transformed into a full-scale 3D topographical model. UTEC has the capability to convert data into various formats per customer needs. The versatility of the 3D software allows customers to access the data on demand and perform contours, sections and other manipulations.