Telecom Site Survey

UTEC is recognized throughout the industry as a reliable provider of telecommunication site development and site services. We are proud of our history of successful collaborations with many industry leaders in telecommunication and broadcasting. We have helped clients such as Arqiva, National Grid Wireless, and Wireless Infrastructure Group and O2 improve their performance through tailored service packages for asset management and audit initiatives. Our determination to meet deadlines and satisfy client needs has positioned UTEC as a reputable and reliable partner.

UTEC's approach to acquisition, design, and construction projects is unique amongst our competitors. Our approach is enhanced by our desire to build telecom structures that combine high quality workmanship with modern and trustworthy design. This is achieved through our well-trained, highly experienced workforce, prepared to find solutions for the most challenging projects in the telecomm, fiber, and broadcasting sectors. As an experienced and recognized provider to the telecommunication industry, UTEC is the go-to partner for high-end projects within major companies like Arqiva, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Wireless Infrastructure Group, etc.

Telecommunication Site Services

Maintenance Services:

  • Minor/emergency maintenance carried out at time of visit
  • Physical check on tower and steelwork
  • Physical check on compound condition
  • Fall Arrest systems inspected and certified
  • Lightning Protection systems tested and certified
  • Report on findings
  • Digital photography of site for record purposes

Caretaker/Supervision Services:

  • Allow access to sites
  • Monitoring of health and safety guidelines (including high altitudes)
  • Ensuring correct installation of equipment
  • Take photographic record of installation

RF Compliance Services
UTEC provides a wide range of Radio Frequency surveys tailored to meet clients’ site-specific requirements. We issue International Council of Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) compliance certificates that are prepared using a format that is recognized by all regulatory authorities. All surveyors are trained to a high standard in RF Radiation Awareness and Measurement Techniques. Our in-depth training and ability to access rooftops and structures uniquely enable us to carry out RF surveys on all site types. UTEC utilizes Wandel & Golterman EMR-300 series RF meters for our data collection, which allow us to measure field strengths in the near and far fields.

UTEC specializes in photomontage techniques, which allow the manipulation and layering of high-quality digital images to provide assistance with visual impact analysis. The extensive photographic database of tower, masts, and rooftop equipment allow us to superimpose a variety of compound types into a proposed Greenfield site or to replace an existing tower structure and cabin within an operational site.

Panoramic Photography
Panoramic Photography is an effective tool for the telecommunication sector in evaluating clearances during site upgrades. It also serves as a useful tool for the commercial sector in promoting sales of buildings and/or development sites. Our team captures twelve high quality images at 360° intervals at various heights. Using aerial platforms or our pole-mounted van, panoramic surveys can be conducted in many environments including Greenfields.

Rooftops and Buildings
All of our staff is trained and certified on rooftop safety. For existing towers, all staff members are climber-trained and certified with a registered advanced climbing company. For buildings, the camera kit is mounted on a tripod.

Line of Sight Survey Asset Audits
UTEC provides Line of Sight (LOS) surveys to confirm the existence of microwave links at specified heights on structures using digital photographs (sighting a 6.0 million candlewatt powered Maxa Beam Searchlight at the (B) end of the microwave link). Where there is no existing structure or rooftop, we can utilize cherry pickers to access the required aperture.

Acquisition and Planning
UTEC's surveyors, planning, design, and build teams work together to provide the best possible site solutions. Our Visual Impact Assessment experts provide panoramic photography, photomontages and animated visualizations to help local planning authorities understand the impact of a proposal. We have a successful track record of projects with major telecomm site owners and operators such as Scottish and Southern Energy, Orange and T-Mobile.

Construction Management
UTEC’s ability to perform effectively in any kind of adverse site is attributed to advanced equipment and highly experienced staff. UTEC can design a complete construction package for all types of sites including remote site, island sites, rooftop sites, and Greenfield sites. Our construction management services include: Street Work Solutions, Upgrades/Site Share, Rapid Deployment Solutions, Mobile and Temporary Sites, Stealth and Specialist Installations, Tower and Monopole Supply, Tower Construction, Tower Maintenance, Rope Access, Microwave Installation, Network Optimization Services, Site Audit and Health and Safety Checks, and Term Maintenance/Estates Services.

Geotechnical Investigation
As part of our Detailed Design service we can carry out a variety of ground investigation techniques to determine soil parameters. This information is used for Detailed Design production and tendering purposes to ensure a satisfactory design and accurate tender.

Electrical Site Design and Survey
Existing sites are checked for spare capacity and safety for the addition of proposed users. All information required for a complete design solution is gathered and used to produce detailed design drawings and tenders. Installations are carried out and tested to the latest standards and legislations.

Project Management
UTEC provides Site/Project Managers to cover all aspects of onsite management for contractors of various sizes. We have completed many contracts in drilling and infilling of disused oil shale and salt mines in Scotland and England. Throughout the duration of these projects and others like them, UTEC StarNet is able to produce AutoCAD drawings and 3D models for our clients.

Rigging Services
All of our riggers have been trained to the highest standards with completion of RF training and refresher climbing/access courses. Our team leaders are expected to attain supervisor roped access qualifications. UTEC can provide rigging teams for steelwork and antenna installation throughout the UK. Despite the inaccessibility to many Telecomm sites, we are well equipped for the demands of remote highlands and island sites with our own 4x4 and All-Terrain Vehicles. UTEC utilizes the ARGOCAT 8x8 Response for quick and safe access to the site regardless of terrain or weather conditions.

Tower Supply and Installation
UTEC can source and install telecommunications towers to suit the needs of the client including customized designs and heavy-duty towers. We can offer comprehensive packages that may involve installation of a tower, commissioning of the tower, and/or the supply and installation of any required steelwork or antenna rigging.

Building Survey/BIMS
UTEC has the skills to produce measured building surveys to client specification. We utilize sophisticated equipment and programs to draw up the building in real-time. Our methods save time onsite and yield instant Quality Assurance. We can provide internal floor plans, internal and external building elevations, ceiling plans, building cross sections etc. Calculation of net internal area, gross area, individual room areas and more can also be provided. Clients determine the level of detail in measurements and specifications for the survey data. Drawings are generally presented in AutoCAD, dwg, dxf, PDF or hard copy. We can provide floor plan drawings suitable for use in preparing the Energy Performance Certificate for buildings.

GPR (Ground Penetrating Systems)
Our experienced surveyors are fully trained in the use of the latest Ground Penetrating Radar technology such the RD8000 and the MALA Easy Locator. Using the industry-leading RD8000 radio frequency pipe and cable locator, direct connection and induction methods allow us to trace buried objects swiftly and accurately. The MALA Easy Locator GPR survey assists with location, depths, and routes of underground buried services.