Construction Support

UTEC and UTEC NCS routinely deploys advanced subsea positioning equipment, including Wideband™ long-baseline (LBL) and super short/ultra-short baseline (SSBL/USBL) acoustic systems, inertial navigation systems and Doppler velocity logs (DVL) to ensure the highest accuracy and efficiency for construction projects. Our clients enjoy the latest digital video data alongside more traditional charts and reports.

From pipe lay support in the deepest reaches of the US Gulf of Mexico, heavy lift installations in the North Sea, to uniquely challenging spool piece metrologies in West Africa, our track record covers a wide range of construction activities for the offshore oil and gas industry, including:

Rigid and flexible pipe lay support

  • J lay and S lay in US Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Far East and
  • Reel lay in West Africa, Arabian Gulf, US Gulf of Mexico and South America

Spool piece/jumper metrology

  • Hundreds of acoustic and laser metrologies in all corners of the globe
  • Perfect track record – 100% fit for all spools measured

Structure installation and attitude monitoring

  • Kikeh – Malaysia
  • Turkmanistan – Gravity platform float over

Trenching support

  • North Sea
  • US Gulf of Mexico

Drilling support

  • Well stick-up and penetration monitoring
  • Batch-set drilling

Salvage and decommissioning

  • Post Hurricane Katrina – US Gulf of Mexico

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