Rig Moves

Logistical preparation is essential in any rig move initiative. UTEC and UTEC NCS, our EA regional office, provides start-to-end relocation support including consulting, drafting of rig move procedures, mobilization of equipment and resources, execution of the project, and processing of final rig move reports. Major companies trust in UTEC for surface rig moves, acoustic rig moves, and anchor management.

UTEC utilizes quality, real-time navigation systems to execute successful rig moves. Our survey team generates coordinates and positioning updates using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and rig headings using gyro equipment. These technologies interface with our navigation software to produce real time viewing of a rig move. Our telemetry systems allow for instantaneous communication and tracking of support vessels as well as precise anchor positioning on the seabed. Acoustic transponders may also be employed to facilitate rig moves.

UTEC tailors each rig move project for the customer while ensuring that the project is in compliance with the latest regulations. UTEC also provides geotechnical services to ensure project feasibility.