Customer Feedback Questionnaire

The data from your evaluation will be used to analyse and improve our services (please refer to the guidance at the bottom of the page).
At the conclusion of the evaluation, please include any additional suggestions or comments that may assist us in our goal of providing excellent services.


  • Product Quality
    Quality of data, DPRs, Mobilisation, In-field, Preliminary and Final reports

  • Service Quality
    Competence and flexibility of personnel in providing effective survey operations

  • Project Management

  • Documentation
    Quality of project procedures, plans and reports

  • Planning & Delivery

  • Supplier Management
    Effective management of subcontracted personnel and equipment

  • Installation & Commissioning
    Effective and efficient mobilisation of survey spread

  • Health & Safety

  • Environment

  • Skills, Competence & Training
    Survey Crew

  • Innovation & Improvement

  • Organisation

  • Facilities

  • Commercial Management

  • Customer Interfaces
    Proactive communication by key UTEC personnel

  • Overall Evaluation of Performance

  • Please add any comments related to the work performed or any improvement suggestions that may assist us in our goal of providing excellent services.

If you wish to retain a copy, please print before pressing submit. Thank You for your help.


Performance Should be evaluated on a 1 to 10 scale across five bands ranging from "excellent" to "poor" as broadly defined below:

(9-10) - Supplier performance exceeded all expectations and fulfilled all specified requirements.

(7-8) - Supplier performance fully satisfied all expectations; met requirements without support; no identifiable improvements.

(5-6) - Supplier performance generally satisfied expectations and met requirements but needed some support to ensure required performance was achieved; improvement opportunities identified.

(3-4) - Supplier performance did not satisfactorily meet all the specified requirements; Purchaser incurred additional support costs to achieve required performance.

(1-2) - Supplier standard of performance below that needed for repeat business; severe deficiencies in service performance.